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State of Safety 2017 - About

Technical Safety BC receives reports of incidents and conducts assessments of regulated equipment and work. Through investigation, inspection and audit, we advance the knowledge of safety risks and focus attention toward managing those risks.

Our annual State of Safety Report is compiled each year in accordance with the administrative agreement between the Province of British Columbia and Technical Safety BC.

The State of Safety Report provides:

  • analysis of incident and injury trends in all sectors regulated by Technical Safety BC;

  • explanations for incident and injury trends, particularly significant deviations;

  • comparisons, where possible, between BC incidents and those of other jurisdictions;

  • responses to information gathered from investigations, including understanding causes and taking necessary action to resolve systemic problems;

  • a summary of risk reduction initiatives to educate and communicate with the general public, clients and stakeholders who participate with and benefit from Technical Safety BC safety services;

  • a summary of national committees and inter-provincial working groups where Technical Safety BC has participated and provided leadership; and

  • details of enforcement actions taken by Technical Safety BC.

This report aims to provide an understanding of safety hazards observed in the last year, as well as our efforts to facilitate duty holder management of those hazards.

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