Incident Investigations

As part of Technical Safety BC's commitment to share safety information with clients and the public, we share our incident investigation summaries. The investigations are documented in our enhanced incident investigation report format and organized by technology.

When does Technical Safety BC investigate?
  • When regulated work or regulated equipment is involved
  • When evidence is available to help determine causes and contributing factors
  • Where a learning opportunity exists to understand and document what caused the incident, and to inform prevention of similar incidents.
When does Technical Safety BC not investigate?
  • Where a regulated product or work is not involved
  • Where there is no evidence of regulated equipment being involved, or it has been ruled out.
  • It does not meet the definition of an incident
  • Evidence of cause or contributing factors is poor or non-existent.
Title Sort descending Ref # Incident Date Technologies Publish Date
O-ring failure triggers liquid ammonia leak at dairy plant 5624551 Boiler, PV and Refrigeration 6 July 2018
Ruptured weld releases steam 5610668 Boiler, PV and Refrigeration 3 November 2017
10-year old falls 4-5 metres from triple seat chairlift II-691314-2018 (6506) Passenger Ropeways 1 March 2019
Above surface ropeway: Impact injury to elbow and shoulder II-744946-2018 (#8566) Passenger Ropeways 6 June 2019
Aged rooftop heating unit damaged by small ignition explosion II-649103-2018 Gas 14 September 2018
Air handling unit explodes in mechanical room of day lodge 7296-II 690544-2018 Gas 10 August 2018
Ammonia leak at Alberni Valley Multiplex II-935221-2019 (#15840) Boiler, PV and Refrigeration 19 December 2019
Ammonia leak caused by strainer gasket failure in food processing facility II-798918-2019 (#10565) Gas 22 October 2019
Ammonia leaks at refrigerant plant 1005087 Boiler, PV and Refrigeration 4 June 2018
Ammonia refrigeration plant compressor develops cracks, releases oil and ammonia into the mechanical room 5620262 Boiler, PV and Refrigeration 6 July 2018
Ammonia release at fruit packing plant 5618019 Boiler, PV and Refrigeration 15 December 2017
Ammonia release results in facility evacuation and temporary shutdown II-765453-2019 (#9425) Boiler, PV and Refrigeration 23 July 2019
Amusement Devices: Neck strain (headache, stiff neck) to 2 of riders II-705299-2018 (#7610) Amusement Devices 5 June 2019
Amusement Devices: rider complained of whiplash and bruising on her right side of her body while the co-rider had back pain II-694728-2018 (7408) Amusement Devices 5 June 2019
Amusement ride: Roller Coaster Shoulder Restraint System Failure II-692974-2018 (#7309) Amusement Devices 2 July 2019
Appliance piping connection breaks loose causing gas leak and ignition II-733176-2018 (8294) Gas 4 February 2019
Appliance regulator failure in fireplace creates unsafe conditions at Vancouver residence 638833 Gas 27 April 2018
Arc flashes caused during work on energized electric panelboard II-713160-2018 (#7838) Electrical 12 October 2018
Armoured cable entered into energized electrical panel causes electrical fire in load centre II-760614-2018 (9226) Electrical 4 February 2019
Attempt to board moving gondola using motorized wheelchair fails 5617901 Passenger Ropeways 14 November 2017
Babine Forest Products explosion and fire Electrical 12 July 2018
Boiler room fire damages apartment building 4824 Boiler, PV and Refrigeration 30 May 2018
Brake malfunction on a construction elevator 5615856 Elevating Devices 15 December 2017
Broken bolts bring elevator to a stop II-640991-2018 (#5063) Elevating Devices 5 November 2018
Broken handrail track damages Burnaby escalator 5621423 Elevating Devices 15 December 2017