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Safety critical assessments and incident investigations are continuing, as per our mandate. More information here.


Incident Investigations

As part of Technical Safety BC's commitment to share safety information with clients and the public, we share our incident investigation summaries. The investigations are documented in our enhanced incident investigation report format and organized by technology.

When does Technical Safety BC investigate?
  • When regulated work or regulated equipment is involved
  • When evidence is available to help determine causes and contributing factors
  • Where a learning opportunity exists to understand and document what caused the incident, and to inform prevention of similar incidents.
When does Technical Safety BC not investigate?
  • Where a regulated product or work is not involved
  • Where there is no evidence of regulated equipment being involved, or it has been ruled out.
  • It does not meet the definition of an incident
  • Evidence of cause or contributing factors is poor or non-existent.
Title Ref # Incident Date Technologies Publish Date
Fire causes extensive damage to multiple buildings and equipment at a gas plant facility II-990977-2020 (#16844) Boiler, PV and Refrigeration 12 July 2021
Working energized on an electrical circuit sends individual to hospital due to electric shock II-1096151-2020 (#19743) Electrical 12 July 2021
An uncontrolled release of natural gas on a newly installed piping system results in a fire II-1069070-2020 (#19265) Gas 12 July 2021
Injury caused by contact with liquid ammonia from leaking discharge valve for an ammonia compressor II-935026-2019 (#15793) Boiler, PV and Refrigeration 12 July 2021
Residential electric fireplace place catches fire when turned on for testing II-1113068-2020 (#20115) Electrical 12 July 2021
Landing gate dislodged from its supporting structure due the car impacting a gate lock II-1028261-2020 (#18434) Elevating Devices 12 July 2021
Explosion causes damage to steam boiler and vent stack II-927063-2019 (#15727) Boiler, PV and Refrigeration 12 July 2021
Ruptured liquor piping sprays black liquor onto equipment and buildings II-1019057-2020 (#17992) Boiler, PV and Refrigeration 12 July 2021
A refrigeration rack fitting failed, filling the machinery room with CO2, causing the building to be evacuated II-1023571-2020 (#18192) Boiler, PV and Refrigeration 12 July 2021
Electrical fire caused by overheating of wiring of a fluorescent ceiling mounted fixture II-1014540-2020 (#17613) Electrical 12 July 2021
The main brakes of an elevator fail causing it to drop from the top floor II-1002604-2020 (#16989) Elevating Devices 12 July 2021
High temperature limit switch and temperature controller fails to shut off gas supply to boiler II-1000791-2020 (#16966) Boiler, PV and Refrigeration 12 July 2021
While riding an escalator, a person’s shoe gets caught between the moving step II-968894-2020 (#16376) Elevating Devices 12 July 2021
Residential gas fireplace explodes shattering the fireplace glass II-1011141-2020 (#17213) Gas 12 July 2021
Overhead high voltage transformer bank platform collapsed II-1100021-2020 (#19840) Electrical 12 July 2021
Portable electric heater causes a structural fire II-790702-2018 (#18758) Electrical 12 July 2021
Fire damages auxiliary elevator controller II-827682-2019 (#11457) Elevating Devices 12 July 2021
Damage to solenoid valve causes ammonia to release into the machine room II-972306-2020 (#16462) Boiler, PV and Refrigeration 12 July 2021
Fire damages pigeon barn II-1122963-2020 (#20292) Gas 12 July 2021
Crack in a residential furnace results in high levels of carbon monoxide II-1008594-2020 (#17049) Gas 12 July 2021
Passenger left stranded on the chairlift after the ropeway was shut down II-990052-2020 (#16828) Elevating Devices 12 July 2021
An elevator came to an abrupt stop causing injuries to a lone passenger II-986603-2020 (#16765) Elevating Devices 12 July 2021
Safe operating at risk due to corrosion on an outdoor freight elevator II-980960-2020 (#16635) Elevating Devices 12 July 2021
During electrical testing, an electrician receives electric shock to their hand II-983150-2020 (#16673) Electrical 12 July 2021
Carrier of a detachable chairlift comes to an abrupt stop after entering the top terminal II-965949-2020 (#16335) Passenger Ropeways 12 July 2021