Operating Permits



Owners, operators, or managers of facilities containing regulated refrigeration systems and equipment require an operating permit. Each pressure vessels associated with such systems also require pressure vessel operating permits.

Regulated refrigeration systems and equipment will often require operating permits. This includes:

  • commercial properties;
  • industrial plants;
  • mills;
  • manufacturing plants;
  • multi-unit office buildings;
  • multi-unit residential buildings (condominiums, townhouses);
  • single unit residential buildings (if they have a refrigeration system containing flammable or toxic refrigerant);
  • schools;
  • hospitals; and
  • municipal facilities.

  1. Refrigeration system operating permits are issued upon successful completion of the installation permit process. Installation permits must be obtained for the installation of all regulated refrigeration systems by a licensed refrigeration contractor.
  2. For pressure vessel operating permits, apply and pay through your Online Services account or by filling out the application form and submitting payment through mail or by calling our Contact Centre. Once your application is approved, we will issue a permit number.

If you or your company is no longer responsible for the address registered with us, or if your equipment has been decommissioned, complete an Operating Permit Declaration of Status Change form.

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