Amusement Devices Operating Permits

Operating permits are required for amusement rides and devices, including waterslides, ziplines, train rides, wakeboard tows and inflatables. 

Operators putting in a new amusement device (for example, waterslides, ziplines, train rides, wakeboard tows and inflatables) must first obtain an installation permit before an operating permit may be issued. A separate application form is not needed for operating permits of amusement devices. 

To obtain an operating permit for your amusement device:

  1. Complete the Amusement Devices Installation Permit Form 1279
  2. Submit your form and drawings to Technical Safety BC's Vancouver office in person or by mail, along with the required fee.
  3. Once your installation permit has been reviewed, an acceptance inspection will be booked.
  4. Once your amusement device passes the acceptance inspection and fees have been paid, an operating permit will be issued.


Permits must be renewed each year. Technical Safety BC will mail a renewal reminder and form 30 days before the operating permit expires. Those renewing their operating permit for amusement devices may renew in person at any Technical Safety BC office or by phone (1 866 566 7233). A renewal fee will be charged.  

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