Scheduled Maintenance for Online Services

Online Services will be unavailable due to scheduled maintenance from June 21 at 6 pm until June 24 at 8 am.  

Scheduled Maintenance for Online Services

Online Services will be unavailable due to scheduled maintenance from June 21 at 6 pm until June 24 at 8 am.  

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Annual State of Safety 2023

Service Improvements for Certification Clients

In 2023, we continued to look for ways to improve the client experience by simplifying and streamlining internal processes and enhancing online services. By doing so, our aim is to make it easier for clients to interact with us.

We prioritized improvements to the renewal experience, where clients can start the renewal process earlier – and apply for their renewal up to one year in advance – as long as they meet continuing education requirements. Faster processing times and online payment options also meant that many renewals may be completed on the same day.

Our new certification platform helped clients wishing to renew or obtain a certificate of qualification by cutting down on service wait times. The processing time between submitting a certification application and booking an exam decreased from over 10 days to under three days. We also introduced the ability for clients to book and manage their exam online. Since online exam booking was introduced, 2,600 exams have been scheduled online. Initial client feedback when using the new platform was positive and included comments like, “Web user friendly and easy to navigate” and “It was time saving and easy to do.”


We also refined our email communications to bring more relevant information to clients. We added to our expiry notification service, reminding clients of their soon-to-expire certifications up to one year ahead of time, along with any requirements tied to renewal, such as continuing education training for elevating or electrical clients.

In addition to providing certification clients with a better experience, we invested in our internal systems and data that provide insight into products and processes. This knowledge leads to removing more barriers to client success as we advance to improve client emails, the online experience, and exam availability. Our investment also allows us to manage and better understand how clients interact with us, including where we can provide more support at any moment in time. We can see and analyze transactional backlogs, turnaround times, completed applications, application lifecycles and how many clients are using our online services. This will give us the ability to better serve clients as we further explore improvements on the client experience for obtaining or renewing licenses and taking out installation and operating permits. As we move forward, we will continue to listen to our clients and employees to determine the types of strategic improvements that will best serve our mandate, clients, and employees.

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