If you’re unsatisfied with any of our policies, practices, or services, you can log a formal complaint.

To submit a formal complaint, send us an email with your completed Complaints Submission form; or call us directly at 1 866 566 7233 and ask to log a formal complaint.

If you would like to remain anonymous, let us know in your complaint submission.

You will receive a complaint identification number within two business days of submitting your complaint, which you will use as a reference for all conversations regarding your complaint.

One of our employees will contact you directly to discuss the details of your complaint and work towards a resolution. We’ll aim to develop a satisfactory resolution within 15 business days.

If you’re unsatisfied with the resolution provided, please reach out to the contact who provided a resolution and make a request to escalate the complaint to a senior leader.

If you’re still unsatisfied with the resolution or our decision pertaining to your complaint, you can submit a complaint to the Office of the BC Ombudsperson.

Ombudsperson British Columbia is an independent body that investigates complaints from members of the public about the administration of government programs and services, including those that we provide.

If you have a concern about misconduct by one of our employees, or by Technical Safety BC, you may report it through our Confidential and Anonymous Reporting System, an independent third-party site, maintained by IntegrityCounts.

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