Gas Licences

If you intend to be hired by others to perform gas work, you must be licensed by Technical Safety BC.

To perform regulated work, gas fitters must be employed by a registered gas contractor or must be a gas contractor themselves. If you want to become a gas fitter, you need to get the appropriate certificate of qualification as detailed in Division 2 of the gas safety regulations.

Applying for a Gas Contractor's Licence

  1. Complete the Gas Contractor Licence Application Form 514.
  2. Provide the original surety bond of $10,000 bearing the principal's signature and insurer's signature with your application. Note: The name supplied on the bond documents must be the same as the company name provided on the application. 
  3. Pay the relevant application fee
  4. Submit to any Technical Safety BC office.

Renewing your licence

If you’ve received your renewal notice, please check with your insurer that your surety bond is still active, then call 1 866 566 7233 to pay your renewal fee by credit card. Or, bring your completed renewal form and payment to any Technical Safety BC office.

Changes to your License

If your contact information changes, notify us by calling 1 866 566 7233.

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