Is it time to renew your certificate?

Performing regulated work with an expired certificate is not permitted by regulation and could put yourself and others at risk. All gas certificates are valid for three years after the date of issue.

Gas Safety

We oversee the industrial and commercial use of natural gas, propane, biogas, digester gas, manufactured gas, liquified petroleum gas, landfill gas, and hydrogen in accordance with the Safety Standards Act and the Gas Safety Regulation.

Gas Safety Regulation Amendments

On October 1, 2022, changes to the BC gas installation codes were adopted into the Gas Safety Regulation through a phased approach. The second phase came into effect on October 1, 2023. These amendments will help improve the safety of gas and technical equipment across the province.

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Directives, Information Bulletins, Safety Orders and Advisories

Incident Investigations

Gas Regulations

The Safety Standards Act applies to everyone who installs, alters, maintains or operates gas technologies. All licensed contractors are required to keep up to date with changes in the Act and Regulations.


Contractors and gas fitters must have access to a current edition of the Canadian Gas Code and BC amendments. Check that your employer has a copy or purchase at the CSA Group store or from retail and wholesale outlets.

What Are the Leading Technical Safety Risks in BC?

Read our comprehensive safety report and learn more about the incidents, hazards, and initiatives that shaped the safety system in BC in 2022.


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Gas Product Approval vs. Commissioning Approval

When a nationally-recognized standard does not exist, an appliance product approval permit is required for regulated gas appliances.

Carbon Monoxide (CO) Safety

Familiarize yourself with the sources, symptoms, and prevention of CO.


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