Boilers, Pressure Vessels & Refrigeration



All contractors working with boiler, pressure vessel and refrigeration equipment must be licensed by Technical Safety BC.

A licensed contractor is responsible for ensuring compliance with:

  1. The Safety Standards Act;
  2. All relevant regulations, and;
  3. All applicable safety orders and directives.

Apply, Renew and Amend Your Licence

  1. Complete the boiler contractor licence application form.
  2. Obtain your BC Business Registration number documentation.
  3. Submit the completed form and your BC Business Registration number documents via our contact form.

While your application is being processed, we will contact you to pay the relevant boiler licence fee.

Licences must be renewed annually. You can renew through your Online Services account.

For contractor licence classes B and REF, to change licence information, such as change in contractor name and address change, please submit a BC Registry proof of legal name or address change along with a completed application via our contact form.

For contractor licence classes A, Au, Ap, PW, SRV, and MA, in addition to submitting BC Registry proof of legal name or address change, changing licence information will also require revisions to your quality control program.

For quality control program revisions to an existing licence (with or without name/address change), please submit your revised quality control program, along with a completed application form via our contact form.

Changes, such as the ones above, require a safety services fee.

Licence Classes

The conditions of your licence may allow you to perform maintenance, installations, construction, manufacturing, testing, alterations, or disposals.

You need to have a licence for each type of boiler, pressure vessel, or refrigeration equipment that you intend to work with.

The contractor licence classes A, Au, Ap, B, PW, REF, SRV, MA are established as per the Power Engineers, Boilers, Pressure Vessels and Refrigeration Safety Regulation.

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