Certificate Renewal

Pressure Welder Certification


Your Class A Pressure Welder certificate is valid for three years after the date of issue, and will expire on the first day of your birth month. You can renew online with us up to sixty days prior to your certificate’s expiry date.

There is no renewal process for Class IT or Class R Pressure Welder certificates.

Renew online using your Online Services account and navigate to the "Certifications" section.

Your application for renewal should include:

  • picture(s) or scan(s) of your updated welder’s logbook; and
  • a copy of the welding performance qualification record (ASME QW-484A form) issued by the recognized test administrator.

For your qualification test, you will need:

  • your welder’s logbook; and
  • the welding procedure specification you wish to use to successfully complete a performance qualification test.

A performance qualification test must be taken with a recognized test administrator, and can be completed up to six months in advance of your certificate expiry date. View the Class A renewal syllabus for full details.

To work in BC, you will need a welder’s logbook from the SkilledTradesBC. You must keep it up to date, in accordance with the requirements of ASME Section IX for the applicable welding process. If you fail to obtain your welder’s logbook from ITA, or if you fail to keep it current, you may not qualify for ongoing renewal of your certificate.

If you do not renew your certificate, but continue to perform regulated work, you will be non-compliant with the Safety Standards Act and associated regulations. You may be subject to enforcement action and a safety officer may stop your work in the field.

If you wish to perform Class A pressure welding work again, you will need to re-apply for your certificate, and complete the required performance qualification test within six months prior to the application.

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