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Pressure Welder Certification

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Recognized test administrators (previously called "certificate of recognition holders" or "welding testing agencies") are organizations or individuals that administer practical pressure welding performance qualification tests.

Under the new pressure welder program, recognized test administrators will also be responsible for signing the welders' log books and will host the Class A Pressure Welder practical exams that are administered by our safety officers.

Note: Performance qualification tests remain valid provided no greater than six months have passed since the qualified welding process was last used under the supervision and control of the licensed contractor or recognized test administrator. The licensed contractor is responsible for log book entries to reflect continuity.

Training Providers in BC and Alberta

While we work closely with training providers in order to recognize their courses and programs, we are not able to influence training provider offerings or schedules. If you have feedback or requests related to scheduling, we recommend contacting the training provider directly. To book your performance qualification test, or to book a location for your practical exam, please download this comprehensive list of recognized test administrators.

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