Documenting Electrical Work Experience


Field safety representative (FSR) applicants that need to document their electrical work experience can provide either:

  • letters from past employers on company letterheads; or
  • a sworn affidavit or statutory declaration.

See documentation requirements below:

  • These letters should document relevant training and electrical work experience from the licensed electrical contractors, with whom you are or have been employed.
    • The experience must be sufficiently detailed and directly related to the scope of work of the certificate you are applying for.
    • The minimum experience noted for each certificate must have been obtained in Canada.
  • The original signed contractor letter(s) should be printed on employer’s printed letterhead and must include the following information:
    • Job classifications held and for how long.
    • Specific duties and a description of the scope of work performed.
    • Type of project experience obtained.
    • Installations or services performed.
    • An outline of the type of equipment and/or systems you have worked with.
    • Full or part-time employment including start and finish dates.
    • Number of hours of relevant electrical work (e.g., 1,800 hours = 1 year).
  • Contractor letters must be dated and signed by the FSR who has knowledge of your experience and who monitored your progress, provided electrical guidance, instruction or assistance and who directly supervised your work. This may be:
    • the current designated FSR named on the license; or
    • the FSR named on electrical permits under which you worked (in cases where the FSR named on the license has no personal knowledge of your experience); or
    • an employee FSR.
  • FSRs must include the following items in the letter:
    • their FSR classification and FSR registration number; and
    • their daytime telephone number; and
    • where the FSR signing the letter is not the FSR named on the license, the document is to be verified by an officer of the company also signing the letter.

Where letters from the FSR are not available, you may provide this verification, for review by Technical Safety BC, in the form of a sworn affidavit or statutory declaration.

  • A notary or lawyer should notarize the document(s).
  • These documents shall attest to and specify the complete information outlined in the letters from employer.

Note: Notarization of the exam application form is not required.