Electrical Examination Reference Material List


Electrical FSR exams are based on the current Safety Standards Act Electrical Safety Regulation and pursuant regulations.

Examinees should have knowledge of the reference material and applicable standards required within the scope of the certificate for which they have applied.

Requests for information about any class of examination can be sent to the electrical safety officer.

  • Exams are administered in an open book format.
  • Examinee must provide their own reference materials for writing the examination.
  • Reference materials will be checked before and after the examination.
  • Pages with markings in reference material such as formula and examples or calculations are to be removed before exam date (cross referencing notes and highlighting are acceptable).
  • No other reference materials except those listed below may be used.
  • The Canadian Electrical Code Handbook ("An explanation of the rules”) and The Canadian Electrical Code Pocket Reference are not allowed at the exam.

All Electrical FSR exam candidates are required to provide the current edition of the following:

  1. Safety Standards Act [S.B.C., 2003, Ch. 39]
  2. Safety Standards General Regulation, B.C. Reg. 1055/2004
  3. Electrical Safety Regulation, B.C. Reg. 100/2004
  4. B.C. Electrical Code Regulation
  5. Technical Safety BC

Class A, LI (Line Technician), and Electrical Safety Officer exam candidates are required to provide the following, complete with updates:

  1. CAN/CSA-C22.3 No. 1-15, Overhead Systems

Refer here for Legislative documents (Acts and Regulations)

Refer here for Electrical Fee Schedule, and Regulatory Notices. They are not available from Crown Publications.

Canadian Electrical Code is available from Crown Publications Online, Canadian Standards Association, or from various electrical wholesalers.