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Electrical FSR Certification

Recognized Electrical Training

Recognized electrical training relates to the electrical Field Safety Representative (FSR) certificate of qualification program. Training providers may offer:

  • FSR Certification Education which is a recognized course on the application of electrical codes and standards that will help you meet the examination requirements for the various FSR Classes; and/or
  • FSR Renewal Continuing Education which is a recognized course that will help you meet the requirements to renew your FSR certificate of qualification.

For course availability, or to learn about and register for a course, contact the training provider directly.

FSR applicants for SA (security alarm) and LO (low energy) should inform the training provider that they wish to take a course specifically designed for their restricted FSR class, not the course for FSR Class A, B, or C.

Find a Registered Training Provider

Please download this comprehensive list of recognized training providers.

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Coming from Alberta?

Are you an Alberta Master Electrician? There are two considerations when applying to be a Master Electrician in BC.

  1. The ARD exam must be successfully completed by any qualified electrical applicant. This exam is administered by Technical Safety BC.
  2. Technical Safety BC accepts many continuing education courses approved by the Alberta Safety Codes Council. You should check to see if they meet the hours requirements in BC of 8 hours for unrestricted A, B and C classes and 4 hours for restricted B and C classes as well as SA and LO classes. If the total hour requirements are not met, additional training may be required. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that the training is recognized by TSBC, through the institution they took the training.

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