In order to perform regulated electrical work in BC, you must either be licensed by Technical Safety BC, employed by a Technical Safety BC licensed electrical contractor, or authorized to perform work yourself.

A licensed contractor is responsible for ensuring compliance with:

Online applications are the fastest and easiest way to apply and are processed up to six days faster than paper applications. 

If you have an Online Services account, you can log in to apply for your licence online. If you are not registered for Online Services, you can sign up for an account.

You can also apply by calling us at 1 866 566 7233 or by visiting one of our offices.

Business Name 

When applying for your licence, please ensure your business name is registered with BC Business Registry. Your registered business name and 9-digit Business Number will be required to begin your application.  

Sole proprietors operating under their own legal name do not need to be registered. 

Surety Bond 

You will need to have a surety bond. If you are applying via Online Services you will need to submit a picture of the hard copy or a PDF of your electronic copy. 

Alternatively, you can submit a hard copy of your surety bond in person at one of our offices

Designate a Qualified Worker – Field Safety Representative (FSR) 

You will be asked to declare a designated Field Safety Representative (FSR) on your licence. You will need their full certificate number and their last name. The FSR must hold an active certificate to be designated. The scope of your licence will be limited to the class of the designated FSR’s certificate of qualification.  

Application Fee 

Your non-refundable application fee will be due when you submit your licence application. If you are applying via Online Services, payment with a credit card is required. If you require alternative forms of payment, please contact us.

If you have an Online Services account, you can log in to select the licence you want to renew. If not, you can sign up for an account or call us at 1 866 566 7233.  

When to Renew

Licences must be renewed annually. You can renew your licence up to six months before its expiration date. Renewed licences will become active once your current licence expires.  

Renewal Eligibility

Before you start your licence renewal: 

  • check with your insurer that your surety bond is still valid; and

  • ensure your designated FSR has an active certificate. 

Renewal Fee

Your non-refundable renewal fee will be due when you submit your licence renewal application. If you are applying via Online Services, payment with a credit card is required. If you require alternative forms of payment, contact us. 

If your contact information changes, please notify us by calling 1 866 566 7233.

To change your business name, you must request a business name change with BC Business Registry. You will require a bond rider from your insurer, which can be submitted by the contractor, insurer, or insurance broker through our contact form.

Licensed contractors can update their designated FSR at any time by submitting a Notice of FSR Change Form 1023.

To be designated as an FSR on a contractor licence and on permits, you must hold an active FSR certification. View details of FSR classes and requirements. 

Designated FSRs are authorized to sign declarations for work performed by contractors. Key responsibilities of a designated FSR include, but are not limited to: 

  • maintaining updated knowledge of adopted BC codes and regulations, including Regulatory Notices such as Information Bulletins, Directives and Safety Orders; 

  • physically examining the work to ensure it complies with the Safety Standards Act, Regulations, safety orders, and directives; 

  • requesting any inspections required under the Act and Regulations; 

  • confirming no work is concealed or connected to a supply unless authorized;  

  • ensuring compliance with qualifications and supervision requirements for individuals doing work under the permit; and 

  • informing TSBC immediately when you are no longer acting as the designated FSR for a licence. 

Failure to fulfill obligations may result in TSBC taking action on the FSR's certificate of qualification or on the licence. This may include, but is not limited to, imposing a monetary penalty, attaching terms and conditions, suspending, or revoking the certificate or licence. 

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