Elevating Devices



All contractors who perform regulated work on Elevating Devices must be licensed by us.

Your licence class determines what type of regulated work you can perform. For more details, see the Safety Standards Act.

A licensed contractor is responsible for ensuring compliance with:

  1. the Safety Standards Act
  2. all relevant regulations, and;
  3. all applicable safety orders and directives
  1. Complete the Elevating Device Licence Application form 317.
  2. Submit by mail or in person to any Technical Safety BC office.
  3. Have a BC Business Registration number.
  4. Pay the appropriate application fee.

We’ll review your application to assess whether you’re qualified to receive your licence. Next, you’ll be invited for an interview with an Elevating Device safety officer and a written exam. For more information see Elevating Devices - Exam Information.

Licences must be renewed annually. Check with your insurer that your surety bond is still active, then renew through your online account.

If your contact information changes, you can update your information in your online services account or notify us by email or phone.

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