Class MR

Elevating Devices Mechanic Certification


The Elevating Devices Mechanic - Class MR certificate of qualification allows you to perform limited repairs and maintenance on elevating devices that are identified on your certificate, while you are employed by a licensed elevating device contractor who holds a Class MR licence that authorizes the same types of repairs or maintenance.

To obtain this certificate, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • Hold a trade ticket as either an electrician or a millwright
  • Complete an approved Class MR training program
  • Be employed by a Class MR contractor

Note that Mechanic-in-Training requirements do not apply to this class. There is also no Skills Passport for this class.

You must:

  • Provide proof that you have completed an approved Class MR training program
  • Submit a Class MR application form

You must also pay any applicable fees.

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