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Scheduled Maintenance for Online Services

Online Services will be unavailable due to scheduled maintenance from June 21 at 6 pm until June 24 at 8 am.  

Skills Passport

Elevating Devices Mechanic Certification


Every certified Elevating Devices Mechanic - Class, A, C, and H, and every Mechanic-in-Training, is issued a personal Skills Passport by Technical Safety BC.

You must keep and update your Skills Passport throughout your career. It provides evidence of your competence to perform work on elevating devices regulated by Technical Safety BC.

A Skills Passport:

  • Outlines, in practical terms, the different achievement criteria required within each area of competency
  • Mirrors your capabilities and experience in Technical Safety BC’s database
  • A means of verifying your competence to work on specific elevating devices or elevating systems
  • Provides evidence of your ability to work unsupervised in a particular area of the elevating industry
  • Serves as a guideline for your employer to identify areas for additional training

For more details, see:

You can update your Skills Passport information at any time with Technical Safety BC.

It's ideal to submit the paperwork with your certification renewal. This way, the renewed documents will reflect your most recently achieved scope of work endorsements.

Ensure your Skills Passport is up-to-date by:

  • Obtaining sign-off from an Elevating Devices Mechanic who already holds the scope for, and has witnessed you perform the task(s), as described in Section 9: Workplace Achievement Criterion, on your Skills Passport
  • Obtaining sign-off from your designated signing officer in Section 8: Verification of Experience by Type of Elevating Device, on your Skills Passport
  • Submitting the following paperwork to Technical Safety BC

Note: Section C to be completed by your designated signing officer

Note: there is no requirement to submit a physical copy of your Skills Passport to Technical Safety BC. However, you may be requested to show your physical copy for verification purposes at any time.

If your Skills Passport needs to be replaced because it’s been lost, stolen, or damaged, a fee will apply.

To request a replacement: Provide clear pictures/photocopies of each of the signed-off passport pages (where available).

Then, log in to your Online Services account and follow the steps. Don't have an account? Sign up now.

If you wish to apply by mail, please fill out the Contact Us form to request a paper form.

Note: Section C will be completed by the designated signing officer.

Once we receive your request, we will contact you for fee payment and your new passport will be mailed to you.

Roles and Responsibilities

The Skills Passport holder maintains the passport and is responsible for:

  • Ensuring their Skills Passport is up-to-date
  • Working within the scope of their Skills Passport
  • Seeking experience in relevant areas of work

The certified Elevating Devices Mechanics is responsible for:

  • Observing the Skills Passport holder carry out specific achievement criteria
  • Verifying that the Skills Passport holder has successfully completed specific achievement criteria without aid

The designated signing officer is a person who acts on behalf of the licensed contractor to verify that the Skills Passport holder has successfully completed the required criteria, in order to be signed off on a particular type of elevating device.

The licensed contractor is the Skills Passport holder’s employer who ensures that:

  • Employees are trained and are competent in the work they are assigned to
  • Employees work within the scope of their Skills Passport
  • Employees work under the appropriate level of supervision by a certified elevator mechanic when completing achievement criteria

Technical Safety BC is responsible for:

  • Administering the Elevating Devices Mechanic Certification program
  • Examining candidates for certification as an Elevating Devices Mechanic
  • Certifying an Elevating Devices Mechanic to be eligible to work in the Province of BC
  • Taking appropriate enforcement action as required

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