Design registration for amusement devices

Before installing a fixed or traveling amusement device, you’ll need to get the design specifications of the device registered. Once registered, we will mail an installation permit.

To get the design registered, you must be a licensed amusement device contractor and you must hire the services of a professional, BC-licensed engineer to validate conformance. Inflatable amusement devices do not require the services of a professional engineer.

When you have the design specifications of your device:

  1. Complete the Amusement Device Design Submission and Installation Permit Form.
  2. Get a professional engineer to add their seal to the form and indicate, in the specifications section on the form, conformance with CAN/CSA Z267-00.
  3. If your amusement device is a permanent installation, please get proof of ownership or permission to use the land where it’ll be installed (e.g. crown land lease, land title documents).
  4. Be prepared to provide technical documentation drawings, calculations, operating and maintenance manuals, operator training procedures and inspection checklists which have a professional engineer’s seal. Contact the safety officer assigned to your project for more advice on how to submit these documents.
  5. To submit your completed design registration, contact us at 778 396 2044 or email Please be prepared to pay the appropriate installation permit fee.
  6. Once registered, you will be issued an installation permit.

Acceptance inspections

When your amusement device installation is complete, you must request an acceptance inspection from your assigned safety officer. The safety officer may also request that you provide an acceptance test procedure. We will send you the details of our request ahead of time.