CRN Reconciliation

Design Registration


Pressure equipment must be registered in each province or territory where it will be used.

The Reconciliation Agreement for the Canadian Registration Number for Pressure Equipment (RA for CRN) came into force on January 1, 2020. This agreement allows mutual recognition and standardization of Canadian registrations between provincial regulators.

The Agreement addresses concerns from manufacturers about the burden of registering designs and conducting business across provinces. The manufacturers faced barriers such as a long assessment period, different review criteria between provinces, and delays in registration.

To address these concerns and to streamline access to provincial markets for manufacturers and stakeholders alike, we established two programs.

We provide a reciprocal registration service. Reciprocal registration recognizes that a technical assessment was conducted by a qualified professional in another province or territory.

Once a design is registered with any Canadian province, applicants must submit the design for reciprocal registration to us.

To combat additional delays in the registration process, we offer online registration so manufacturers can escape paper-based mail submissions and courier challenges. In addition to registering their designs online, clients are able to retrieve information and experience greater transparency throughout the registration process.

The online Design Registration Portal also includes elements of national registration requirements embedded in the application forms.

To meet the requirement of sharing registered designs with provincial jurisdictions, as per the CRN Reconciliation Agreement, a provincial jurisdiction sharing portal was created by us. For more information about jurisdiction sharing, please contact us.

For provincial jurisdictions only: access the Jurisdiction Sharing Portal. If you are experiencing difficulties or would like to request an account, please contact us. Please provide your public IPv4 address and provincial business contact information when requesting an account.

To learn more view the full agreement.

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