About the program

As per Section 62.1 of the Power Engineers, Boiler, Pressure Vessel & Refrigeration Safety Regulationboiler plant owners in BC are required to obtain a boiler plant operating permit for the following plant types:

  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th class plants 
  • oil well plants 

This is regardless of whether it is designated as a "special status plant" or not. 

Benefits of obtaining a boiler plant operating permit

Boiler plant operating permits will help those who operate plants:

  • gain confirmation of compliance;
  • gain knowledge of required operator qualifications;
  • more effectively oversee their regulated boiler equipment; and
  • track a power engineers' firing time (hours of professional work) in the plants they operate.

In addition, by understanding the connected set of boiler equipment as a system, Technical Safety BC will better be able to assess areas of risk and clarify plant classification and staffing requirements with owners, users, and individuals who oversee plant operations.

If a qualified plant has not applied for a plant operating permit by 11:59 pm on October 1, 2019, it will be deemed non-compliant as per the Regulations. Enforcement action may be considered. 

Boiler plant operating permit fees

Date of application


Up to and including October 1, 2019

NO FEES until renewal in 2020

After October 1, 2019

As per relevant class:

1st class plant: $157
2nd class plant: $144
3rd class plant: $125
4th class plant: $106
5th class plant: $94

To determine the class of your plant and whether or not you need to register it, please check your plant eligibility.


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