ASME Stampings and Nameplates Requirements

As part of processing the application, can you please provide the following information:

Boiler and economizer identification

Please submit the following for each boiler at your site:

For ALL boilers connected to the headers under a plant operating permit:

  1. Pictures of ASME Stamping or Manufacturers' Data Report (see MDR example)
  2. Picture of Manufacturer nameplate; and
  3. Picture of Mechanical High Temperature cutout

For above headers using thermal fluid:

  1. Safety Data Sheet (Thermal Fluid); and
  2. Manufacturer's Technical Specification (Thermal Fluid)

If you have economizer(s), there could be more than one nameplate on a boiler. If there is an economizer that is isolable, please include the above information for economizers as well.

For each picture, please comply with the following:

Locating the ASME stamping

  • Manufacturer nameplates are generally easier to locate than the ASME stamping.
  • The ASME information is generally stamped on the drum (so that, even with component changes, the stamping is least likely to be removed). See ASME BPVC.I-2017 PG-111 “Location of Stampings” for more details.
  • Sometimes, there is a cut out flap in the insulation and you’ll have to open the flap to see the stamp beneath on the surface of the drum.
  • If you still cannot find it, a quick call to the manufacturer could help you locate it.

Ensure all the information is readable

  • Due to deterioration (corrosion, dust), the readability of stampings decreases with boiler age.
  • If the stampings are not clear, you can clean the area with a wire brush.
  • It may also help to run a black Sharpie, white chalk, or white marker along the stampings to make them stand out clearly and be more readable.
  • Some clients have success using a wax pencil on the hot boiler, melting the wax, and then wiping it off, which can leave a clear image.

Taking complete pictures correctly

  • Please include all stamped numbers, letters, and logos in the picture. Even if a single letter or number is stamped away from the rest, include it in the picture.
  • Unless absolutely necessary for completeness and clarity, avoid sending multiple photos of parts of the same nameplate or stamping.
  • ASME stampings typically include: CRN number, National Board number [NB], Designators [e.g., S, M, E, W], serial number, heating surface area, MAWP, MAWT, minimum pressure relief valve capacity / maximum design steaming capacity [MDSC], year manufactured.
  • Glares from camera flashes or lighting may make reading impossible, so please look out for that. Use appropriate background lighting to prevent glares.

What you email to us

  • For every picture attached to the email, make sure you can unambiguously read the least clear stampings / printings. If you cannot read everything, we probably cannot read it either.
  • Please do not embed photos in an email, but attach them as files named with your boiler name and type of information, e.g., “Boiler #1 ASME”, “Boiler #1 Nameplate”, “Economizer 1”.
  • To assist with the registration process, please ensure each file is named so that it can be identified both with the piece of equipment and the type of document.  The equipment name can be based on your own reference or a Technical Safety BC identifier, such as permit number.  For example, “Heater S/No. 16-1327 – Nameplate” or “BPV-######-2017 – High Temperature Cutout”.

    If you need to provide more than 10 files, please send them to with the same naming standards for each file.  Please do not submit files through this form if they are instead emailed to this email address.

    Sample Photos


Boiler stamping sample
Boiler stamping sample #1
Boiler stamping sample
Boiler stamping sample #2