Boiler plant operating permits

Plant owners in BC are required to register qualifying boiler plants on their premises. They need to provide the boiler configuration, and assign the level of supervision, and primary operator to each site.

Applications for boiler plant registration operating permits are being accepted now. 

A boiler plant is defined as a boiler, or assembly of boilers (and any ancillary vessels) connected to a common heating, steam, or power system through a single header. A plant can be as small as a single boiler or can be made up of an array of pressure equipment on a premise.

To register a boiler plant

  1. Login to your online account. If you have a previous login account, you can use the registered email and password.
  2. Follow the steps detailed in the visual guide to start the process.
  3. Refer to FAQ for detailed information on registering a boiler plant.

New account

For a new account, register here. You will receive an email invitation to activate your new account. Boiler plants can be registered once the accounts have been registered.

Online account information

Ensure that your online account information is correct and up-to-date before starting the plant registration process.


Email: or call us.

Boiler plant operating permit fees

Date of application Fees*
Until and up to October 1, 2019 NO FEES until renewal in October, 2020
After October 2, 2019 As per relevant class (see proposed fees)

Background Information

Technical Safety BC now requires the registration of a plant as a whole operating system (e.g. a single large boiler, or an array of multiple small boilers) to confirm and classify the plant's use, and assignment of certified operators.

By understanding the connected set of boiler equipment as a system, Technical Safety BC can better assess areas of risk and clarify plant classification and staffing requirements to owners, users, and individuals who oversee plant operations.

Through this effort, those who operate plants will gain confirmation of compliance, and knowledge of required operator qualifications. It will also enable more effective safety oversight.

Plant registration makes it easier to track a power engineer’s firing time (hours of professional work) in the plants they operate.

The consultation on proposed boiler plant operating permit fees is now open for feedback.

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