Boiler Plant Staffing Requirements

B.C. Reg. 104/2004 prescribes various requirements for operating boiler plants. This includes minimum staffing levels.
For a particular site (premise), the boiler plant operating permit will specify the site’s operating requirements. Irrespective of whether a site has a valid boiler plant operating permit (a regulatory requirement in itself), all the regulatory requirements must be still be met.
According to Section 67 (1) and (2) of the regulation, the person in charge of a plant must hold a certificate of qualification appropriate to the work to be performed in the plant. The person in charge of the plant must also ensure that the plant is
  • adequately supervised (read: as per the regulation requirements underlying the conditions on the plant permit and as per local boiler safety officer determinations), and;
  • has appropriately qualified persons working in it (read: as per the regulation requirements underlying the plant type and classification on the plant permit).
The minimum staffing requirements for the first five classes of certificates of qualification established in Section 7 (1) include the following, among others:
Plant Class       Plant Supervision
Chief Engineer
Certification Class      
Primary Operating
Certification Class


Continuous 1st 2nd
2nd Continuous 2nd 3rd
3rd Continuous 3rd 4th
4th Continuous 4th 5th
5th Continuous 5th 5th
Exempt Unattended n/a n/a
Section 62.1 (1) requires certain boiler plants to hold plant operating permits. Your boiler plant operating permit will have considered all relevant factors (beyond the scope of this page) of your premises, and clarify the minimum staffing and other requirements your premises has to meet. It is best to apply as soon as possible to find out whether your premises are compliant with the act and regulation.
Although the following occurs infrequently, the most frequent non-compliances may be:
  1. Staffing levels not adequate for the plant in operation [Section 67 (1) and (2)].
  2. Individuals in charge of more than one plant (without the approval of a provincial safety manager) [Section 67 (5).]