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Electrical FSR: Transfer to BC

Transfer to BC

If you have electrical qualifications and experience from outside BC, you still need to obtain a certificate of qualification in order to work as an electrical field safety representative (FSR) in this province.

To become certified as an FSR, you'll need to meet certain eligibility requirements and pass a certification exam. In lieu of provincial credentials, you must have a Canadian Interprovincial Qualification (Red Seal) in the Trade of Electrician. For more information on the available certificate classes and their eligibility requirements, review our FSR classes.

If you are an Alberta Master Electrician, there is a separate certification process.

FSR certification for Alberta Master Electricians

The equivalent certification of an Alberta Master Electrician in BC is a Class A FSR certificate of qualification, with a designation of BC Master Electrician. A Class A FSR certificate entitles you to submit declarations on behalf of your employer for any type of regulated electrical work. There are no voltage or ampere limitations.

 If you are an Alberta Master Electrician, you can obtain your Class A FSR certificate when you:

  1. Provide proof of your qualifications, a copy of your wall certificate, and a copy of your wallet card.
  2. Pass an exam based on the Acts, Regulations, Directives (ARD) of BC.

You can submit your qualifications, as well as a copy of your wall certificate and wallet card, through our contact form.

This Master Electrician equivalency exists between BC and Alberta only.

Exam eligibility

You must provide proof that you have both of the following:

  • Active Certificate of Qualification for Certified Master Electrician (CME - Wall Certificate)
  • Active Wallet card as issued in Alberta by the Safety Codes Council, to verify current registration in Alberta

Exam study materials

About this exam

The class A FSR exam for Alberta Master Electricians takes 2.5 hours. It is open book with multiple choice questions. You must achieve a minimum grade of 70% to pass.

For more information on our FSR exams, including how to book one, visit the Exams page.