Exam Information

Electrical FSR Certification

Exam Information

Our FSR exams are held across most of our offices in BC.

You can find updates about our certification exams here.

Only the following locations are open until further notice:

  • Cranbrook
  • Nanaimo
  • Vancouver Island University
  • Vancouver
  • Langley
  • Kelowna
  • Fort St. John
  • Prince George
  • Victoria
  • Kamloops

Please make sure to submit a certificate application before trying to book an exam. If you haven’t already submitted your certificate application, you can submit it by logging into your Online Services account.

Once you have submitted your certificate application and we have reviewed it, you will receive a notification to book your exam. Use your Online Services account to find your available exam and choose your preferred exam dates, times, and locations. You will not be able to book your exam until we notify you that you are eligible.

If you don’t have an account, you can register now and follow the steps to book your exam.

If you are required to document your electrical work experience, review our documentation requirements.

While booking for your exam online, you will be able to choose the location of your exam, the date, and time. If you’re booking a subsequent exam, you will have to submit an additional payment. If not, you will have already paid while submitting your original certificate application.

Your exam results will arrive by portal notification, mail, or email. You will receive another notification when your certification letter and wallet card have been issued.

FSR certificates of qualification must be renewed every three years. Proof of continuing education is required to renew. Learn more.

Exam Procedures

For the exam, you are required to bring valid and current government-issued photo identification. Eligible examples include:

  • Provincial Driver’s License (issued by a Canadian province or territory)
  • Provincial Identification Card (for example, BC Identification Card, Alberta Identification Card, etc.)
  • BC Services Card
  • Combination Driver's License and BC Services Card
  • Passport
  • Canadian Certificate of Indian Status
  • Canadian Permanent Residency Card

All the above documents must be original, legible and not torn or altered in any way. Copies or certified copies will not be accepted. Expired identification and identification with no expiry date will not be accepted.

Failure to bring the appropriate identification will prevent you from writing your exam. You will need to reschedule your exam with Technical Safety BC and pay any necessary rescheduling fees.

See our in-person and online exam guidelines.

Arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled start time and check in with a Technical Safety BC official. An invigilator will ensure that you are registered, that rules are followed, and that you have all the materials you need.

Late arrivals will not be given extra time to write the exam.

For paper exams, you will be provided with the following:

  • Exam booklet
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • T-square or drawing board
  • Answer sheet
  • Diagram booklet, if required
  • Exam question feedback form

For computer exams, you will be provided with:

  • Scrap paper
  • Online access code

You may not bring any of the following into the exam room:

  • Electronic devices that can store of transmit data including but not limited to: cellular phones, laptops or watches, recording devices, wireless communication devices, personal data assistants, cameras, fitness tracking equipment, etc.
  • Programmable calculator
  • Food
  • Inserted pages, notations, exam answers, sticky notes and/or crib sheets
  • Post-it or sticky notes used as tabs
  • Scrap paper
  • Highlighters

For all exams written at Technical Safety BC offices:

Only calculators provided by Technical Safety BC are permitted for use during examinations.Casio calculators are available for use during the exam at all Technical Safety BC offices.

For special sitting exams ONLY:

Examinees are permitted to bring their own non-programmable calculators.

You need to bring your own code book to the exam.

Code books must not have any extra sheets of paper. Acceptable markings in the code book include:

  • Clarifications or notes to define or clarify a legal or technical term
  • References/tables to mark sections for easy references
  • Highlighting or marking important sections
  • Page references to locate the relevant appendices and tables/charts

Code books and reference material that do not meet expectations will not be permitted in the examination room for use during the exam. They will be kept aside and returned upon completion of the exam.

Candidate Rules

Before arriving for your scheduled and confirmed examination, review our In-Person Exam and Online Exam candidate rules. You will be required to follow these rules and to sign a form that indicates you have read and understood these rules before starting your examination.

When you complete your examination, the invigilator will re-package your exam and all accompanying paperwork with your answer sheet and any other supporting paperwork and materials.

As soon as your results are ready, we will send them by email, portal notification, or mail.

  • There will be no refunds once you book an exam, even if you do not write that exam.
  • You may rebook your exam as many times as you want before your exam cancellation cut-off date for free. This information can be found in your booking confirmation.
  • If the cancellation cut-off date has passed and you want to rebook, then you will be required to pay the exam fee plus tax again.
  • Clients that do not show up for an exam sitting will be recorded as a “no show”. Subsequent requests will be charged the exam fee (plus tax).
  • You will be notified if Technical Safety BC's review identifies a breach of the exam rules. Any finding of a breach of exam rules may invalidate your exam result, and you may be subject to a prohibition of six (6) months before you are allowed to write future exams or obtain qualifications. You will not be issued a certificate of qualification if your exam result is invalid. Depending on the circumstances, further actions may be taken, including but not limited to, assessment of pre-existing qualifications, remedial training, and suspension or revocation of existing qualifications.

  • The exam fee (plus tax) will be required for each additional exam attempt.
  • If an examinee fails an exam, they will need to wait 30 days after the previous examination to rebook.
  • If an examinee fails their third or subsequent attempts, the examinee will need to request permission to take a fourth or subsequent attempt.

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