Electrical FSR Renewal

The deadline for most electrical FSR renewals is July 31, 2019.

Applicable FSR certificates (see table below) that are not renewed will be considered expired. FSRs with expired certificates cannot be named on licences and permits, assess compliance with codes and regulations, or submit declarations of compliance.


There are no knowledge update requirements for FSR certificates renewed by July 31, 2019.

The new “BC Master Electrician” designation is available through the FSR renewal process.


Electrical FSR Renewal Deadlines
(listed by certificate issue date)

FSR Certification Renewal

Note 1: Please refer to Technical Safety BC’s consultation page for more information on fees.
Note 2: FSR renewal requirements also apply to safety officers who are appointed by a local government having jurisdiction.

Given the volume of renewal applications expected, we appreciate your patience and encourage you to renew early to avoid a lapse in your certification.

How to renew your certificate

To make renewal easy and accessible, you can complete and submit the certificate renewal form online through your online services FSR account (not your licensed contractor account).

Follow our Step by Step Guide below or watch our brief tutorial video.


Go to www.technicalsafetybc.ca and click on "Login" in the top right corner of the home page to access your FSR online services account (not your licensed contractor account). 

Login button


If you do not have an online services account as an FSR, click here to register for one. You will need your FSR certification number to create an online account.
TIP: If you use the same email address for both your FSR and licensed contractor accounts, they will be linked automatically in our system.

If you have both an online account as an FSR and as a licensed contractor, you can simply login and switch between the accounts by clicking on the drop down arrow in the top right of your account homepage:

How to switch between accounts


1. Once logged in to your FSR online services account, on "Certifications" on the left navigation panel.

Sidebar panel with Certification

2. Locate your most recent active certification and click on "Renew". 

Renew button image

4. Fill out the requested information. Update your address and contact details, if needed, as this is where your wallet card will be sent. The BC Master Electrician designation is available through the renewal process for eligible applicants.

5. Review your submission for accuracy and submit the completed form. Your renewal will be processed after we have reviewed your application (approximately two weeks). Submit your renewal form early to avoid a lapse in your certification.

6. Upon approval, you will receive an email notification with a link to make payment for your application. Click on "Pay Now" in the email to pay for and complete your FSR renewal.

7. Once your payment has been processed, you will be able to access a printable version of your wall certificate through your online account and will be sent a durable, security-enhanced wallet card in the mail.

Your certificate will expire on the first day of your birth month in the year noted on your wall certificate and wallet card.

Need help?  Please contact us at contact@technicalsafetybc.ca or 1 866 566 7233.

How to print your wall certificate

Your wall certificate will be available for printing through your online services FSR account.

1. Login to your online services FSR account.

2. Click on 'Certifications' in the left panel on the screen.

3. Click on the certification number associated with your recent renewal.

4. On the 'Certification Details' page, scroll down to the section called ‘Attachments’.

5. Open the attachment containing ‘Wall Certificate’ to view, save, or print, your renewed certificate of qualification.

    Knowledge update requirements

    FSR certification renewals prior to 2021 do not require knowledge updates.

    For renewals in 2021 and after, FSRs will need to provide proof of up-to-date knowledge on the current adopted Canadian Electrical Code, Safety Standards Act and regulations.

    Certificate renewal, together with knowledge update requirements, will strengthen the integrity of the safety system and create a more level playing field by helping to ensure that all FSRs can demonstrate up-to-date knowledge.

    For more information, please see Technical Safety BC’s Knowledge Update Requirements webpage.

    Importance of renewing your certificate

    FSRs are experts on the Canadian Electrical Code, Safety Standards Act and regulations and are a cornerstone of the electrical safety system. They perform an important function for the public, contractors and equipment owners by assessing and declaring that electrical work is safe and in compliance.

    Contractors or asset owners who do not have an FSR with a valid certificate named on their licence or permit may be impacted until their FSR renews their certification or another certified FSR is named. For example, contractors will not be able to continue performing electrical work and will no longer be able to take out installation permits, and asset owners may no longer be able to continue to legally operate electrical equipment.

    By renewing and providing Technical Safety BC with current contact information, FSRs will also ensure they receive current safety and regulatory information critical for their work in a timely manner.


    Refer to Technical Safety BC’s Frequently Asked Questions for more details.

    For additional information, please contact Technical Safety BC at contact@technicalsafetybc.ca or 1 866 566 7233.

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