Continuing education requirements for FSR renewal

Last updated: May 26, 2020

The Electrical Safety Regulation (section 10.1) requires you to satisfy continuing education requirements before renewing your field safety representative (FSR) certificate of qualification every three years. There are different continuing education requirements depending on your certificate class.

FSR classes A, B or C 

To renew your class A, B, or C FSR certificate of qualification, you must:

  • complete eight hours of continuing education with a recognized training provider; or
  • self-study and pass a renewal exam to challenge the continuing education requirements.

For your eight hours of continuing education training, sign up for our 2018 Electrical Code Change online course or blended learning course. Review the list of recognized training providers.

If you choose to self-study and take a renewal exam to challenge the continuing education requirements, you can prepare with the Continuing Education: Electrical Field Safety Representative Class A, B, C syllabus

Important: If you fail the renewal exam, you must complete the required eight-hour training program prior to renewing. You can only take the renewal exam once.

Renewal exam information

The renewal exam to challenge the continuing education requirements has been postponed. We are working to ensure the renewal exam will be available for individuals before they need to renew in 2021.​ You can still apply for a renewal exam through your FSR online account and we will add you to the wait list.

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FSR classes other than A, B or C

You must complete four hours of continuing education to renew your class FE, IN, LE, LI, LO, RE, SA, UR, WW, or grand-parented1 FSR certificate of qualification.

To complete your continuing education, register for a four-hour online course applicable to your certificate class on our Learning Centre

Please note: You do not need to take a four-hour online course if you complete an eight-hour training program with a recognized training provider or the 2018 Electrical Code Change course with Technical Safety BC.

For any FSR certificate class, you should renew your certification on or before the expiry date listed on your wallet card. For example, if your certificate expires on March 1, 2021, you should renew on or before March 1, 2021. Learn how to renew your FSR certificate.


Grand-parented FSR certificates of qualification include:

  • EM - Elevator Mechanic
  • EW - CQ Electrical
  • AC - Alarm & Comm RB203
  • CP – Cathodic Protection
  • ET – Electronics Tech
  • DE – Fuel Dispensing Tech
  • HE – Heating Mechanic
  • ME – Medical Dental Tech
  • MH – Mobile Home Tech
  • EW OP Electrical Worker
  • EWX OP Electrical Worker
  • OU – Overhead & Underground
  • TV – Radio & TV Tech
  • SI – Sigh & Light Tech
  • SP – Swimming Pool Tech
  • WP – Water Pump Tech
  • WE – Winder Electrician

Please note: Grand-parented FSR certificates of qualification are no longer offered by Technical Safety BC. However, the certification remains valid for those FSRs who already received it.