Working in BC

Electrical FSR

In BC, an electrical Field Safety Representative (FSR) can, on behalf of a contractor, make declarations that the work described in the permit complies with the Safety Standards Act and Electrical Safety Regulations.

Candidates with electrical Canadian qualifications from outside BC or from a different country must meet the BC requirements for each certificate of qualification with the exception of Alberta Master Electricians. 

In order to perform electrical work and be named on a permit in BC, the FSR needs to:

  • hold an interprovincial Red Seal; or
  • have a certificate or qualification in the electrical trade, obtained in Canada.

Learn more about obtaining certification as an FSR here.

Alberta Master Electricians who want to get certified as FSR, can see more details here.

    Section 4 of the BC Electrical Safety Regulations outlines the requirements for individuals who may perform electrical work in BC.

    Who can obtain permits?

    An electrical operating permit can only be obtained by the owner of the equipment.

    An electrical installation permit can only be obtained by:

    • a licensed BC contractor;
    • a homeowner; or
    • the holder of an operating permit.

    For both the installation and operating permits, FSR must be named on the permit by the applicant.

    Licensed contractors need to:




    The New West Partnership Trade Agreement (NWPTA), which builds on the Trade, Industry, and Labour Mobility Agreement (TILMA), is an agreement between the provincial governments of BC, Alberta, and Saskatchewan to collaborate on trade, investments, and labour mobility to support economic development.

    Under the NWPTA and TILMA agreements, it is easier for workers who wish to come to BC and become a Field Safety Representative (FSR) or to obtain a contractor’s license.

    To do electrical work, certification as FSR is not required. FSR is required for getting a contractor’s license and permits, and to make declarations on electrical work performed under permits.