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A Vehicle Conversion (CNG/LPG – Compressed Natural Gas / Liquefied Petroleum Gas) certificate of qualification is awarded to an individual who has successfully received a Certification of Qualification for both Vehicle Conversion (CNG) and Vehicle Conversion (LPG) offered by Technical Safety BC.

The scope of work of certification without endorsement(s) is limited to service, inspection and maintenance only. Installation and or alteration of approved vehicle fuel systems requires an additional endorsement specific to the applicable manufacturer’s fuel system. Approved training must be acquired on specific system(s) and an appropriate record of successful completion provided to Technical Safety BC. The endorsement will then be attached to the individual’s certification. In some cases, multiple endorsements may be required.

This Certification does not entitle the holder to work on CNG related systems as part of an LNG equipped vehicle. An LNG endorsement must be acquired for this purpose and attached to the certification.

To Book an Exam

  1. Submit completed application along with original or notarized documents (in person) to any Technical Safety BC office.
  2. For details on certification exam fees, refer here.
  3. Exams are tentatively scheduled at the time of payment and is based on qualification review and availability of space.
  4. Receive exam confirmation letter by mail or email. If you have not received your confirmation letter a week prior to your tentative scheduled date, please contact Technical Safety BC at 1 866 566 7233.

    Certificate Renewal

    Gas Certificates of Qualification must be renewed every three years. If you have received your renewal notice and would like to apply and pay for an updated certificate, please call 1 866 566 7233.

    • have successfully completed a course in the conversion of vehicles to compressed natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas that is acceptable to a provincial safety manager; and


    • be the holder of a 3-year automotive industry training credential or an equivalent 3 year automotive trade certificate; or
    • provide documented evidence of a minimum of 3-years of automotive tune-up experience.
    Exam Locations
    By special arrangement, contact Prince George office