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Certification Renewal

To renew your certificate, simply log in to your Online Services account and click Certifications on the left side. Then click Proceed to Online Services for Certification and you’ll be directed to your My Certificates page.

  1. Once you’re there, click the Action dropdown and select Renew Certificate for the certification you’d like to renew.
  2. Complete and submit your renewal. You may see a pro-rated fee that reflects the time between your old expiration date and your new renewal date (your birth date).

If your certificate can be renewed, you can renew your certificate up to 1 year in advance of its expiration date. Renewing early does not reduce the time of your certificate being in an ‘active’ status.

Your certificate can be renewed using your Online Services account if you’re within 1 year of your certificate’s expiration date. If you don’t have an Online Services account, you can call us at 1 866 566 7233. You can also renew your certificate if it expires.

If you do not renew your certificate but continue to perform regulated work, you put yourself and others at risk. These are the consequences of working with an expired certificate:

  • A safety officer may issue a compliance order, or recommend a monetary penalty
  • A safety officer may be authorized to stop your work in the field

You will also need to re-apply for your certificate if you want to be able to perform the regulated work outlined on your certificate.

If you do not renew your certificate within three years of expiry, your certificate will close.

You cannot use or renew a closed certificate.

If you need to perform regulated work specific to your closed certificate, you will need to get your certificate re-issued. This means you will have to fill out an exam application form and provide proof of any eligibility requirements, as well as take and pass the required exam.

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