Electrical Operating Permits

Who needs a permit?

Those who own, operate or maintain the following electrical equipment, require an operating permit when:

  • the operation or design of electrical equipment is such that regular or ongoing maintenance is required;
  • the electrical equipment is operated within Class I, Class II, or Class III hazardous locations;
  • the electrical equipment is operated or maintained for emergency service;
  • the electrical equipment is part of a fire alarm system;
  • the supply is greater than 250 kVA;
  • the supply to privately owned equipment, except for high voltage neon signs, is greater than 750 volts; or
  • the equipment is installed for temporary use and the supply is greater than 5 kVA.

Who issues a permit?

Technical Safety BC issues electrical operating permits and completes inspections for most areas of British Columbia, but there are several exceptions. See our Jurisdiction Information for details.

How to get an operating permit from Technical Safety BC

Clients registered for our online services, you may apply for an operating permit online. Or you may complete the Electrical Operating Permit Application Form to request an operating permit.

Note: Remember to name the Field Safety Representative (FSR) in your application. The FSR may be an employee of the equipment owner or an electrical contractor.

Operating permits are renewed annually. You will be sent an invoice and FSR verification form, which registered clients can pay for and verify through online..

Permit Fees

Electrical Fee Schedule

Fees associated with permits allow Technical Safety BC to work with industry to reduce safety risks through assessment, education and outreach, enforcement and research. Technical Safety BC is an independent, self-funded organization.

Changed your FSR?

If you have an operating permit and your field safety representative (FSR) has changed, you must submit a Notice of FSR Change immediately.

Learn more about:

Electrical operating permit holders may also obtain an electrical installation permit for limited scope of work without having to go through a contractor. This includes service repair, maintenance and new construction that exceeds the scope of work outlined in the Directive and Information Bulletin.

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