B44-16 code requirements for daily start-up checks and barricading

In addition to new maintenance control program and testing requirements, the adoption of this safety code requires owners of escalators and moving walks to:

  • Conduct daily start-up checks prior to allowing the use of the escalator or moving walk by the public.
  • Barricade stopped escalators to prevent entry or exit by the public (section of the B44-16 code).

Positioning barricades

The B44-16 code refers to the Elevator Industry Field Employees’ Safety Handbook which details industry best practices for the positioning of barricades:

  • Barricade to be a minimum of 42 inches (1067 mm) high.
  • The barricade should completely surround the escalator from public access as well as any floor opening created when the escalator’s access plate(s) are removed 
  • The barricade should be securely attached to the balus­trades, handrails and/or floor.
  • All sections of the barricade should be connected.
  • A system should be in place to keep the barricade rigid.

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