Core Connections 2024

Annual Public Meeting

Our virtual annual public meeting, Core Connections 2024

On May 23rd, we held our annual public meeting — Core Connections 2024. We shared our latest initiatives, annual results, future plans, and how we are supporting people working in the safety system as we focus on the impact of human decision-making involved in incidents and what we can learn from each one. There was also an opportunity to ask questions of our Executive team. Questions we couldn’t answer live will be answered and added below.

This year’s meeting also featured a plenary session session that delved into the roles each of us play in our safety system. More details below.

If you couldn't attend Core Connections 2024 a recording of the session will be added below. We look forward to seeing you at next year's Core Connections.

Event Details

Core Connections recording coming soon.


The Outcomes of Choices: Learning From Incidents Beyond Your Industry

Each year, we investigate dozens of incidents, big and small, from across the seven technologies we regulate. These incidents vary widely in terms of size, severity, and cause, but they always share one common factor: human decision-making. This year’s Core Connections event featured a plenary session that delved into the roles each of us play in our safety system. During the hour-long deep dive, we shared our learnings from notable incident investigations, with a focus on the human decision-making involved and what we can learn from each incident, regardless of industry, to build the strongest safety system.

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