Passenger Ropeways Installation Permit

To install and operate a passenger ropeway in BC, you must be a licensed contractor and obtain the correct permits. An installation permit lets you install or erect the ropeway and an operating permit allows it to run.

The steps after getting your installation permit may include a construction inspection and will include an acceptance inspection. Follow the steps to get your installation permit.

Installation Permit

You must be a licensed passenger ropeways contractor to obtain an installation permit. When you have the specifications of your ropeway and are ready to install follow these steps:

  1. Complete Passenger Ropeways Installation Permit Letter of Application Form 1446. Remember to include the type of passenger ropeway, slope length and vertical rise of the installation.
  2. Submit a profile of the passenger ropeway.
  3. Submit a route map showing the location of the installation. A topographic map is best.
  4. Provide proof of ownership or permission to use the land where the passenger ropeway will operate (e.g., Crown land lease, land title documents).
  5. Include a cheque for the required fee payable to Technical Safety BC. You may also call 778-396-2063 for the Passenger Ropeways Client Service Representative and pay by credit card.
  6. To submit your application, contact the Passenger Ropeways Client Service Representative, 778-396-2063,

Construction and Acceptance Inspections

Your installation permit will include details of the time needed to inspect and review the technical submission of your passenger ropeway. Please note, if the hours exceed this time, an hourly billing at a professional rate will apply.

  1. Your first step is a construction inspection. You may not need a construction inspection – your safety officer will make that decision. If required, your assigned Safety Officer will make contact to arrange a time to visit.
  2. The second step is an acceptance inspection. When you have completed the installation, you must contact your safety officer to arrange the acceptance inspection. It’s best to book in advance to ensure your safety officer is available. Please submit all technical documentation to your safety officer ahead of time.

Technical submission for the acceptance inspection

If you are making modifications or have a new installation, you must submit technical documentation before your acceptance inspection.

The submission must:

  1. Meet the requirements of CAN/CSA Z98-07 Annex A, the approval checklist.
  2. Be reviewed and have a seal by a professional engineer licensed in BC. The professional engineer must also provide certificates of design and construction.
  3. All of these documents must be submitted to your assigned safety officer prior to the acceptance inspection.

Installation Alterations

If you want to alter an existing passenger ropeway, complete the Passenger Ropeway Installation Permit Letter of Application Form 1446. To submit your application, contact the Passenger Ropeways Client Service Representative, 778-396-2063,

You must also submit a letter of intent that describes the components you intend to modify. Charges for this process will be determined after the acceptance inspection stage. Each installation needs a number of inspection hours, as detailed on your operating permit. We’ll take into account how many hours we’ve already used to inspect and how many more hours are needed. Additional charges will be billed at the hourly professional rate.

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