Elevator and Escalator Safety Tips

Stay Safe on the Move

Did you know that elevators and escalators provide transportation for billions of riders every day?

Elevators and escalators play an important role in our everyday lives, but it’s important to understand the potential risks when using them and follow safety guidelines.

Four Tips to Stay Safe on an Elevator

Wait patiently: Stand clear of the elevator doors and wait for passengers to exit before entering.

  1. Allow individuals inside to exit first.
  2. Hold the door: If you see someone rushing to catch the elevator, press and hold the "Door Open" button to keep the doors from closing.
  3. Be aware of the gap: Watch your step when entering and exiting the elevator to avoid tripping. Be cautious of the space between the elevator and the floor.
  4. Emergency procedures: Familiarize yourself with the location of the emergency call button and follow posted instructions in case of an emergency.

Four Tips to Stay Safe on an Escalator

  1. Hold the handrail: Always hold onto the handrail for stability, especially when stepping on or off the escalator.
  2. Watch your clothing and accessories: Ensure loose clothing, shoelaces, or accessories are secure to prevent them from catching in the escalator.
  3. Supervise children: Keep a close eye on children and ensure they stand in the center of the escalator, facing forward. Hold their hand if they are too small to hold the rail themselves.
  4. Step on and off safely: Be aware of the transition at the top and bottom. Stand in the center of the step and keep your feet away from the sides.

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