Elevating Devices

Design Registration


Elevating devices such as hydraulic and electric elevators, construction hoist elevators, escalators, wind towers, and other equipment as defined by the Elevating Devices Safety Regulation (EDSR) require a design registration application submitted by a licensed contractor if they are to be installed or altered. Design registration is also applicable to those seeking variances (or exemptions) from safety code requirements and those working on cab modernizations.


Elevating Application Processing Timelines

Our processing times have now returned to normal service levels for both expedited A (initial review in three business days) and B (initial review in seven business days) services. The expedited processing option is available for selection again through your design registration account.


To Register a Design

  1. Log in to our online Design Registration Portal. For additional information on how to create an account, see How to Register.
  2. Select and complete the applicable form,
  3. Upload and attach all supporting documentation.
    • Design package, drawings, and applicable design requirements, as per CSA B44 requirements for Layout Drawing and Layout Data,
    • Seismic design criteria shall be recorded onto the Layout Drawing and Layout Data and must be authenticated by a Licensed Professional Engineer of British Columbia.

All applications must be submitted through the Design Registration Portal or they will be rejected.

All designs must meet the requirements of the applicable code. Licensed contractors can prepare and submit the application, however a professional engineer must review the application content and prepare a Qualified Professional Declaration, prior to the application being submitted.

Major and Minor Alterations

Learn more about what is considered a major alteration or minor alteration by reviewing the applicable directive. This directive also outlines the assessment type, whether a physical inspection is necessary or if submission of a declaration is permitted.

Where a cab is altered, calculations in conformance to the applicable code must be signed by a professional engineer and a licensed elevator contractor and shall be included with the design application.


The Safety Standards Act allows for slight deviations from the applicable code, where alternative safety accommodations have been made, with the appropriate application form submission. Variances typically include terms and conditions which the asset owner and/or licensed contractor will need to abide by.

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