Elevating Device Operating Rules

Operator Certification


These rules are applicable to licensed:

  • Personnel Hoist & Construction Use Elevator Operator
  • Car Switch & Construction Use Elevator Operator

No person shall:

  • Be employed as an operator of an elevating device unless licensed under the regulations as an operator.
  • Operate an elevating device or cause or permit it to be operated if there is reason to believe that it is an unsafe condition.
  • Operate an elevating device or cause or permit it to be operated in an unsafe manner.
  • Operate an elevating device or cause or permit it to be operated with a load in excess of the maximum capacity stated in its certificate.

The operator's licence may be refused, suspended, or cancelled, if:

  • The Safety Manager considers the training, experience, skill or level of competence of the applicant or the holder of the license should not be issued, renewed or continued; or
  • The Safety Manager is satisfied that the holder of the license has done anything that:
    • would have had justified refusal to issue a license;
    • is contrary to this Act or the Regulations; or
    • is contrary to a condition of the license.
  • A person has committed an offence under the Offence Act under the following circumstances:
    • operates an elevating device unsafely;
    • operates an elevating device that has been sealed out of service by an inspector;
    • employs an unlicensed operator;
    • knowingly makes a false statement in any document required by the Regulations;
    • contravenes or fails to comply with a term or condition of a license;
    • contravenes or fails to comply with a direction of a safety officer;
    • obstructs, impedes or interferes with an safety officer;
    • gives a safety officer false information respecting any matter with which the safety officer has power to deal under this Act.

An application for an operator license is to be made to Technical Safety BC and is to be accompanied by the fee specified.

An operator license is classified as follows:

  • Car Switch Operator;
  • Personnel Hoist Operator;
  • Section 5.10 elevator Operator under Standard CAN/CSA-B44.

An applicant shall certify in writing that they are:

  • at least 18 years of age where an application is for a Personnel Hoist Operator license; or
  • at least 16 years of age for all other classes of license; and
  • has satisfactorily completed a training program acceptable to the Safety Manager.

Temporary Elevating Devices are classified as follows:

  1. Personnel hoists installed in accordance with the CAN/CSA-Z185, Safety Code for personnel hoists;
  2. Section 5.10 elevators installed in accordance with the CAN/CSA-B44, elevator Safety Code, Section 5.10, Temporary use of Permanent Elevators for Carrying Workmen or Materials.
  • A swing stage, window washer, scaffolding or similar type equipment must not be located within 3 meters (10 feet) of a personnel hoist way unless guarded in accordance with the safety code.
  • A personnel hoist must not be operated if:
    • the wind speed exceeds 60 km per hour (35 mph), not including gust wind speed; or
    • the operation is deemed unsafe by a licensed operator.
  • The personnel hoist operator must perform a daily routine safety inspection and must complete and inspection check list.
  • Requirements for Section 5.10 Elevators: A Section 5.10 elevator must be inspected by an elevator safety officer before being put into operation.

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