Licensing and Certification

Annual State of Safety 2022

State of Safety: Licensing and Certification

We issue licenses to contractors and contracting companies who install, operate, and maintain regulated equipment.

We issue certificates of qualification to individuals working on regulated equipment. Together, they provide the public with assurances that certain standards of knowledge and proficiency are being maintained around regulated work.


There were 999 licenses issued in 2022, a decrease of 2% compared to licenses issued in 2021.



In 2022, 2,915 certificates were issued, a 24% decrease from 2021. The decrease can be attributed to economic demand cooling down, following the burst of activity seen in 2021, as projects resumed post pandemic.

Note: Railways and Alternative Safety Approaches do not have licenses or certificates of qualification and are not reflected in this chart.

New Licenses and Certificates by Year (2018-2022)
New Licenses and Certificates by Category 2022

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