A Safer British Columbia

Annual State of Safety 2022

State of Safety: A Safer BC

Through our investigations, assessments and data gleaned from the safety system, we’ve documented several risks and trends that may impact safety in BC.

Gas Line Safety

In 2022, we investigated two serious incidents that occurred in Comox in November 2021 and Fernie in February 2022.

Both incidents involved gas line strikes that resulted in explosions causing extensive damage to buildings and infrastructure, and injuries to 30 people.


Climate Action

As a safety regulator, we play an important role in addressing emerging risks related to climate change, educating safety partners, and removing barriers to the adoption of low-carbon technologies and systems.

In 2022, climate action was once again a top priority for our organization.

Licensed Contractor Program

In 2022, we took action to reduce the risks of unlicensed work and educate the public on the importance of hiring licensed contractors by launching two important initiatives meant to protect British Columbians and raise awareness about unsafe work.


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