Building Confidence

Annual State of Safety 2022

State of Safety: Building Confidence


From increasing accessibility to technical and safety information, to holding those accountable for working outside of the safety system, we recognize deterrents to safety in BC by addressing these problems.

Building Inclusive Digital Experiences

British Columbians involved in the safety system need to interact with us, yet until recently, many have found it challenging digitally.

In 2022, we responded by accelerating our goal to remove barriers to accessing information by improving our digital tools, consolidating processes, and eliminating deterrents to participation.


Identifying Risks

As we monitor safety in BC, we look for new or reoccurring trends that may pose a risk to the technologies we regulate, and to the wellbeing of British Columbians. In 2022, we worked further on two noteworthy risks that continue to impact our clients and the safety system.


When business owners, builders, and homeowners use contractors who perform regulated work without permits, licenses or qualifications, this not only increases safety risk, but perpetuates a disadvantage to contractors who work within our safety system.

We investigate and audit companies and contractors who worked without proper permits, licences, or qualifications.


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