State of Safety: Compliance

Our goal is to influence people in the safety system to make safety-minded decisions. By increasing participation across the safety system, we are able to collect a broader array of data, which helps us understand risks and hazards more clearly. In turn, we share our analysis of this data back to our clients and safety partners, to inform them of emerging trends or warn them of failing equipment or systems.

Our Commitment

We commit to educating and promoting safety knowledge to support British Columbians as they ensure compliance with codes and standards.

We publish the following resources, as well as a registry for British Columbians to easily find a licensed contractor.


Compliance Audit

Compliance audits provide valuable insight into duty holder behaviour and motivations in how they interact with Technical Safety BC and the Safety Standards Act and regulations.

We select candidates in fairness and transparency.

The following criteria illustrates how we segment our audits and then impartially distribute them across all technologies and in the contractor community. The criteria is organized into three distinct categories for determining compliance audits:

An independent computer algorithm randomly selects a sample of contractor license data within all technologies, in all regions, on an annual basis.

Analysis of the following indicators:

  • the average rate of obtaining permits in a given period of time compared to industry average and other companies of same size and scope;
  • the number of non-compliances associated with a licence;
  • the hazard level associated with any non-compliance(s);
  • the company’s payroll compared with their permitting activities; and
  • other factors such as previous enforcement history and the effectiveness of previous enforcement.

When enforcement action does not achieve the desired behavioural effect, a deeper dive into the duty holders activities is warranted. Audits on repeat offenders will reveal the root cause of why the non-compliant behaviour continues.

Audits by Category in 2022

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