Field Safety Representative Verification Changes for Owners of Electrical Equipment

Effective August 2016, electrical operating permit holders and owners must submit the Renewal Invoice Verification form to Technical Safety BC.

This form confirms Field Safety Representative (FSR) information and is sent to permit holders with their annual invoice.  Permit holders will no longer need to forward this verification form to their FSR or electrical contractor for signature. 

Forms can be submitted and viewed online, through our online services (select Login in the upper right hand corner of this webpage). Operating permit holders can also pay renewal invoices online.

What’s changed?
Owners are now responsible for verifying field safety representatives (FSRs) who perform or supervise regulated work at each site.  This includes the owners’ responsibility to confirm with the named FSRs that the operation and maintenance of electrical equipment complies with the Safety Standards Act and BC regulations.  FSRs no longer need to sign these verification forms at the time of operating permit renewal. 

What do I need to do as an owner?
Before signing off and returning the verification form to Technical Safety BC:

  1. Ensure that the FSR names listed on the form are correct
  2. Update the form if there are any changes to the FSR information listed
  3. Confirm with the FSRs listed that they have verified compliance of your electrical equipment. You may also wish to obtain a written confirmation from your FSRs for your records.  

Why was this change introduced?
This change reflects owners’ responsibilities set out in the Safety Standards General Regulations, which require that asset owners must ensure compliance to these regulations. 

For ease of reference, owners holding operating permits must:

  • maintain a log of work performed under the permit,
  • pay any permit fees (and installments of fees),
  • submit required declaration confirming compliance with the Act, and
  • notify the regulatory authority immediately if a FSR named on a permit is no longer employed or contracted by the permit holder.

Learn more about electrical operating permits. 

How does an operating permit and FSR help my business?

An operating permit ensures that owners have direct access to a Technical Safety BC-certified FSR who can provide technical guidance and assistance for the development of a continuous preventative electrical safety program. The FSR is responsible for conducting regular inspections of electrical equipment at the facility. The FSR also provides advice and oversight of electrical work being performed for the owner. An electrical operating permit provides owners with the means and the opportunity to achieve safety goals.

FSRs can see which permits they are named on through our online services.