Passenger Ropeways Mechanic Certification Program

BCSA has started working with industry on the development of a certification program for passenger ropeway mechanics in British Columbia. Since 2013, the Passenger Ropeways Technology Advisory Committee (PRTAC) has been exploring this issue and following the 2014 Canada West Ski Areas Association conference, the committee unanimously agreed that this effort is important to industry and should proceed.

A program of this nature advances safety by ensuring that there is a consistent and standardized approach to the training of Passenger Ropeway Mechanics. The program will also make certain that all persons performing this type of work have the knowledge, skill and ability required to do it correctly.

The successful development of a Passenger Ropeway Mechanics Certification program relies on industry participation. The PRTAC has formed a Risk Reduction Working Group with representation across a number of industry sectors, including Selkirk College and the Canada West Ski Areas Association (CWSAA). The working group will be responsible for representing industry and providing input as the certification program develops.

Throughout 2015, BC Safety Authority will conduct various consultations to develop the various program elements with industry input and ensure the program is the best fit as an industry-wide safety solution in BC.