Class B-R: Full Entertainment

Electrical FSR Certification


The Class B-R: Full Entertainment Field Safety Representative (FSR) certificate of qualification is a restricted class within the Class B category. With this certificate, you may perform temporary installation, maintenance, operation and testing of feeders, branch circuits and electrical equipment. These are typically used for the production of trade shows, exhibits, displays, festivals, conventions, stage, theatre, carnivals, travelling shows, movie or television locations and film or video productions.

To obtain this certificate, you'll need to meet certain eligibility requirements and pass a certification exam.

Note: this certificate class was previously named class FE (Full Entertainment).

The scope limit is a maximum of 400 amps, 750 volts, three-phase power and connecting temporary power to an existing permanent installation.

The scope of work not authorized under this certificate:

  • includes permanent electrical installation of a regulated product or electrical equipment
  • electrical work on service conductors and service equipment, and
  • electrical work in hazardous locations.

You must provide proof that you have:

  • A minimum 4 years (7,200 hours) relevant training and/or electrical work experience
  • Work experience in the entertainment industry that is directly related to the activities for which this certificate was intended for, including three phase systems

The class B-R - Full Entertainment FSR exam takes 3.5 hours. It is open book and is made up of 50 multiple choice questions, with a 35% focus on Act, Regulations, and Directive, and a 65% focus on Code. You must achieve a minimum grade of 70% to pass.

For more information on our FSR exams, including how to book one, visit the Exams page.

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