New pressure welder program

A new pressure welder program will come into effect in BC on December 3, 2019, following the changes to the Power Engineers, Boiler, Pressure Vessel and Refrigeration Safety Regulation in Ministerial Order M317.

The new program will introduce three classes of certification of qualification for pressure welders, and a new class of contractor licence specifically for pressure welding. These changes will improve harmonization with other Canadian jurisdictions and promote labour mobility.

Opportunity to provide feedback

We are currently consulting on the new program and associated proposed fees. Learn more about the consultation and how to provide feedback.

New pressure welder program classes

IMPORTANT: Individuals already working as a pressure welder in BC can apply to transition into the new program as a class A pressure welder. Those that apply for transition prior to December 3, 2020 will not be required to pay the application evaluation fee or the practical exam fee, if all transition criteria are met.

Class Scope of work Prerequisites for application Expiry/Renewal
Class A Perform registered pressure welds on any pressure equipment in BC

Proof of one of the following qualifications:

  • ITA's Welder Certificate of Qualification (red seal, A, or B);
  • a Canadian apprenticeship authority's welder trade qualification; or
  • a Canadian credential authorizing the holder to perform pressure welding in another Canadian jurisdiction

Applicants already working as a pressure welder will also need:

  • Continuous pressure welding work experience (no greater than 6 month gaps) following successful completion of a supervised welding performance qualification test to SMAW process using E6010 + E7018 electrodes
    or GTAW & SMAW processes using ER70S & E7018 filler metals
Must be renewed every three years; fee and practical exam (with fee) required
Class R Perform a limited scope of pressure welding work on specific equipment or sites

1. Qualification and experience as a pressure welder from your country of origin or Canadian jurisdiction;


2. Employment by a licensed boiler contractor that has:

  • a current ASME Certificate of Authorization, or
  • a current National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors “R” Certificate of Authorization.
After six months; not eligible for renewal
Class IT Perform pressure welds as an apprentice under supervision
(note: this class aligns with ITA’s harmonized apprenticeship program)

Applicants must be one of the following:

  • registered as a welding apprentice in a CCDA harmonized welder training program AND Level 2 welder apprenticeship training program; 
  • registered as a welding apprentice with the Industry Training Authority (ITA) AND Foundation Training Course or Level 2 welder apprenticeship training program; 
  • holder of an ITA's Welder C Certificate of Qualification
After three years; not eligible for renewal


Requirements for obtaining a certificate of qualification under the new pressure welder program will depend on whether the applicant is a:

  • pressure welder already working in BC
    Pressure welders who work in BC are eligible to be transitioned into the new program as a class A pressure welder, with no fees required.
  • new pressure welder (e.g. a recent graduate of the ITA welder program)
    Individuals looking to work as a pressure welder can apply for a class A or class IT pressure welder certificate, with the appropriate training and fees.
  • person who holds a pressure welder certificate of qualification outside of BC
    Individuals with a pressure welder certificate of qualification from another Canadian province or territory may be eligible for a class A or class R pressure welder certificate. International pressure welders can also apply for a class R pressure welder certificate.

Contractor licence

Under the new pressure welder contractor licence class ("class PW"), subcontractors and companies with in-house welding expertise will be able to register weld procedures without requiring a broader-scoped boiler contractor licence. The class PW contractor licence has been created specifically for pressure welding.

Businesses looking to obtain the new pressure welder contractor licence can apply beginning December 3, 2019.

Recognized test administrators (RTAs)

Recognized test administrators (RTAs) (previously called "certificate of recognition holders" or "welding testing agencies") are organizations or individuals that can administer pressure welding performance qualification tests. Under the new pressure welder program, RTAs will be responsible for signing pressure welder logbooks.

The initial class A certificate of qualification tests will need to be administered by a Technical Safety BC safety officer at a recognized test administrator's facility. Class IT and Class R certificate of qualification tests will be administered by recognized test administrators.

Give your feedback

Technical Safety BC is currently requesting industry feedback on the new pressure welder program and the proposed fees for the application evaluation and the exam. (note: The fee charged by recognized test administrators for hosting the exam will be set by each RTA.) 

Please see our Pressure welder program and fee consultation page for more information and to submit your feedback. The formal consultation process closes on August 23, 2019.

Feedback can be submitted by:

More information

Questions? Please reach Technical Safety BC’s Stakeholder Engagement team at 

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