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A Class B Gas Fitter (120 kW) certificate of qualification entitles the holder to perform the installation or alteration of the following gas systems under an appropriate permit:

An appliance with an input of 120 kW or less that displays a certification mark or an approval mark issued under section 10 of the Act.
Piping and vents.

In addition, the certificate holder can perform electrical work that is restricted to the installation, repair and maintenance of electrical wiring for solid, liquid and gaseous-fuel-fired heating equipment for any of the following:

  1. Connecting branch circuit wiring to the heating equipment integral connection box from a junction box or disconnect mounted in close proximity to the heating equipment;
  2. Class 2 circuit wiring up to a rated output of 100 Volt amps;
  3. Low voltage controls or 24 volt thermostats.

To Book an Exam

  1. Complete the following application form online.
  2. Upload:
    -  clear copies of your prerequisites, along with the appropriate documentation, when prompted.
    -  scanned original copies of prerequisite documentation. Notarized copies will also be accepted.
  3. Make payment when you receive a call from a client service representative.
    Note: Only applicants who have submitted complete documentation and have passed the review are eligible for the exam. Candidates found ineligible will receive a letter notifying them of any missing requirements from Technical Safety BC.
  4. Exam request dates can be made during fee payment. Based on availability, exam dates can be scheduled 15-business days from the time of payment.

Note: For apprentices approved for special sitting

  • Proof of program completion is required prior to the issuance of Class B Gas Fitter certification.
  • Email/mail a clear copy of the trade qualification within 12-months of sitting for Class B Gas Fitter certification exam.

Exam Information

This is a 4 hour exam and candidates must achieve a grade of 70% or above to qualify.

Check here for certification exam fees.

Certificate Renewal

Gas Certificates of Qualification must be renewed every three years. If you have received your renewal notice and would like to apply and pay for an updated certificate, please call 1 866 566 7233 or visit the nearest Technical Safety office.


    Refer to: Training program recognition guidelines: In compliance with Directive D-GA-2018-02 for details on the conditions under which a training provider/organization can gain and retain program recognition for a training program.

    An applicant for Class B Gas Fitter certificate of qualification must provide course completion certificate/letter for:

    • Plumbing
    • Steamfitting
    • Sprinkler fitting
    • Refrigeration Mechanic
    • Domestic/ Commercial Gas Fitter


    • be a holder of the Gas Utility ticket for at least two years and confirm their Gas Fitter work experience through the FortisBC Record Form attached to their Gas Utility Ticket.

    For special sittings candidates must:

    • be on approved class list
    • provide copy of ITA transcript (all pages)
    • provide trainee apprentice transcript in either:
      • Domestic/Commercial Gasfitter- levels 1 completed (1800 hrs minimum); or
      • Plumbing - Levels 1-3 completed (4815 hrs minimum); or
      • Steam Fitting- Levels 1-3 completed (4215 hrs minimum); or
      • Sprinkler Fitting- Levels 1-3 completed (4260 hrs minimum); or
      • Refrigeration Mechanic- Levels 1-3 completed (5415 hrs minimum)

    *Plumbers registered prior to Jan 1, 2011 have the same workplace hour requirements as Steam fitter*

    Refer to Gas Safety Regulation for more information.

    Exam Locations
    By special arrangement, contact Prince George office