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Electrical FSR: Class C-R - Limited Entertainment

Class C-R - Limited Entertainment field safety representative

The class C-R - Limited Entertainment field safety representative (FSR) certificate of qualification is a restricted class within the class C category. With this certificate, you may act as an FSR and perform temporary assembly or interconnection of plug-in wiring systems employed in: trade shows, exhibits, displays, festivals, conventions, stage, theatre, carnivals, traveling shows, movie and television locations, and film or video productions or similar venues. The scope limit is a maximum of 240 volts, 100 amps, three-phase power, utility supplied or a maximum of 240 volts, 200 amps, three-phase power, generator supplied.

The scope of work not authorized under this certificate includes regulated work (electrical work) for the permanent electrical installation of a regulated product (electrical equipment), and electrical work in hazardous locations.

To obtain this certificate, you'll need to me certain eligibility requirements and pass a certification exam.

Note: this certificate class was previously named class LE (Limited Entertainment).

Exam eligibility

You must provide proof that you have:

  • A minimum of two years (3600 hours) acceptable, relevant training and/or electrical work experience
  • A Live Performance Electrical Certificate (LPEC) issued by Actsafe (course may be put towards the experience requirements)
  • Experience in the entertainment industry directly in the activities for which this certificate is intended, including three-phase systems

Exam study materials

You should also review these reference materials.

About this exam

The class C-R - Limited Entertainment FSR exam takes 3.5 hours. It is open book and is made up of 50 multiple choice questions, with a 35% focus on Act, Regulations, and Directive, and a 65% focus on Code. You must achieve a minimum grade of 70% to pass.

For more information on our FSR exams, including how to book one, visit the Exams page.