Act, regulations and directives (ARD) exam syllabus

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Safety Standards Act, Safety Standards General Regulation, Gas Safety Regulation, Directives and Information Bulletins

Gas Safety Management
August 2018

  1. Prerequisites to obtain a BC Gas Class A or Class B certificate of qualification for out-of-province certification holders

An applicant for a BC gas Class A or Class B certificate of qualification must:

  • meet the requirements of the Safety Standards Act and applicable regulation;
  • provide proof, acceptable to the provincial safety manager, of the applicant's identity;
  • have a recognized Canadian credential that is in good standing in the jurisdiction where it was issued; and
  • successfully pass the Act, Regulations and Directives (ARD) exam​​​.
  1. Scope of the BC Gas Class A and Class B certificate of qualification

A Class A Gas Fitter Certificate of Qualification entitles the holder to perform the installation or alteration of any gas system, except vehicle fuel systems, under an appropriate permit

A Class B Gas Fitter Certificate of Qualification entitles the holder to perform the installation or alteration of the following gas systems under an appropriate permit:

  • an appliance with an input of 120 kW or less that displays a label or mark as follows:
    • a certification mark;
    • an approval mark issued under section 10 of the Act;
  • Piping and vents

The provincial safety manager may attach the following terms and conditions to a certificate of qualification:

  • the individual is entitled to perform work in British Columbia that is equivalent to the work the individual is entitled to perform in the jurisdiction where the individual's Canadian credential was issued
  1. Subject areas of study

Apply the Safety Standards Act
Percentage (%) on Exam: 33%
  1. Application
  2. Administrative Responsibility
  3. Adoption of Standards, Effect of Certification Mark and Regulated Product Approval
  4. Safety Officers and Safety Managers
    1. Appointments and Duties
    2. Cooperation with Safety Managers and Safety Officers
  5. Registry
    1. Information that may be recorded in the registry
    2. Public access to registry information
    3. Administrators to record information in the registry
  6. Licensed Contractors and Certificates of Qualification
    1. Licensed Contractors
    2. Certificate of Qualification
  7. Administration and Enforcement
    1. Issue of Permissions
    2. Directives, Safety Orders and Variances
    3. Alternative Safety Approaches
    4. Incident Reports and Investigations
    5. Enforcement
  8. Safety Standards Appeal Board
    1. Appeal board established
    2. Application of Administrative Tribunals Act
    3. Impartiality of appeal board
  9. Review and Appeal Process
    1. Request for Review
    2. Appeals to the Safety Standards Appeal Board
  10. Prohibitions, Offences and Penalties
    1. Prohibitions
    2. Offences
    3. Penalties
  11. General
    1. How to serve documents and notices
    2. Advisory bodies
  12. Delegation of Administration
    1. Definitions for this Part
    2. Administrative agreement with an authority required
    3. Power to delegate administration of Act to an authority
    4. Delegation does not make an authority an agent of the government
    5. Power of an authority to set fees for matters under its administration
    6. Power to order an audit
  13. Regulation-Making Authority
    1. Minister's power to make regulations
    2. Lieutenant Governor in Council power to make regulations
  14. Transitional Provisions
  15. Transitional Appropriation
Apply the Safety Standards General Regulation
Percentage (%) on Exam: 35%
  1. Certificates of Qualification and Contractors' Licences
    1. Certificates of Qualification
    2. Contractor's Licence
  2. Permits
    1. Permit required unless exempted or in an emergency
    2. Permit application procedure
    3. Amendment of permit for additional or other work at site
    4. Types of permits
    5. Limit on scope of regulated work under permit
    6. Installation permits
    7. Operating permits
    8. Responsibilities of operating permit holder
    9. Regulated work under a permit
  3. Inspections by Safety Officers
    1. Certificate of inspection
    2. Cost of inspection not already charged for in permit fee
  4. Prototypes
    1. Notification and testing of prototype
  5. Safety Officers
    1. Safety officer must hold appropriate certificate of qualification
    2. Safety officer certificate of qualification
    3. Temporary safety officer's certificates of qualification
    4. Expiry of safety officer's certificates of qualification
  6. Documents
    1. Permission not transferable
    2. Documents issued by mistake
    3. Issue of duplicate certificate, licence, permit or other document
  7. Incident Reporting
    1. Duty to report incidents to the appropriate safety manager
Apply the Gas Safety Regulation 
Percentage (%) on Exam: 25%
  1. Definitions for the Act
  2. Definitions for this regulation
  3. Application of this regulation
  4. General Qualification and Licensing Provisions
    1. Individuals Who May Perform Regulated Work
    2. Certificates of Qualification
    3. Contractor's Licence
    4. Duties of Licensed Gas Contractor and Permit Holder
  5. Requirements for Permits
    1. Permits that may be issued by a local government
    2. Homeowner may perform work under a permit
    3. Drawings to accompany installation permit application
    4. Installation permit is also authorization
    5. Field safety representative not required for installation permit
    6. Requirements concerning operating permits
    7. Duties of owners and licensed gas contractors in commercial and industrial buildings
  6. Regulated Product Standards and Certification
    1. Canadian gas standards adopted as B.C. Natural Gas and Propane Code
    2. No installation of gas appliances unless certified or approved
    3. Certification agencies
    4. Dealers to maintain records of gas appliances
  7. Inspections
    1. Duty to inform regulatory authority of completion of work for inspection
  8. Safety Officers
    1. Safety officer's certificate of qualification
  9. Technical Requirements
    1. Requirements and Procedures for Installation and Excavations
    2. Installation and Repair Procedures for Appliances and Gas Systems
  10. Information Requests for Existing Gas System
  11. Schedule
    1. Variations for B.C. natural gas and propane code to the national code
Describe Directives and Bulletins 
Percentage (%) on Exam: 7%
  1. General
    1. Directives
    2. Information Bulletins
    3. Safety Orders
  2. Directives
    1. Gas directives identified on the Technical Safety BC website